‘The Bow’, I put so much importance on ‘The Bow’, but it’s IMPORTANT! I mean what’s a wrapped gift without ‘The Bow’ on top? What’s an ensemble without the jewelry? But not so easy for many. Picking out the right necklace or pairing the right earring with your outfit can spur panic attacks in many. So when I suggest LAYERING jewelry, I often see eyes glaze over and looks of panic.  It’s not that challenging though, all you need are a few tips and some direction. So here you go.

mishakaudiFor bracelets you’re going to want to choose a minimum of three bracelets to layer to really make an impact.

Start out by choosing two bracelets that are different styles but have something in common and build from there.

Here you have five distinctly different bracelets but they all have something in common that ties the styles together.

The gold Mishakaudi cuff ties in with the gold ring of the leather wrapped bracelet which ties into the gold in the gold beaded bracelet. Then the blue and orange in the chevron beaded bracelet ties in with the blue and orange beads you’ll find in the other bracelets.  See it’s not that hard! Again remember, if you’re worried start out with three and build from there.

portland boutiqueAnd the same rule applies for necklaces but this time you want to make sure that they fall at different lengths so they don’t compete.

Here the gold in each necklace helps tie them together.

The leather Lulu necklace drops longer than this Special Portland pendant but notice they sit closely within each other. When you’re layering necklaces you want them to be nestled together not laying far apart.

Not to overwhelm you but do make sure when you’re layering that you choose pieces that don’t compete with the clothing you’re wearing. Notice that both of these pieces are clean and simple which does not compete with the business of this fabulous cardigan but stands out against the Prairie Underground top.

pendleton portland collection

And here we’ve coordinated both layered Mishakaudi necklaces with layered bracelets with this outfit

1. What do they have in common?

2. Notice the necklaces layer at different lengths but are still nestled together.

3. These necklaces are simple and bold enough that they compliment this beautiful Pendleton Portland Collection Warm Springs Dress and don’t visually compete.

4. These two bracelets are different in style but share a commonality in they both share the gold color.

5. The necklaces and bracelets all share something in common as well, gold which ties them all together.

This all makes for a very well layered and coordinated outfit. I hope these tips will help you give layering your BOW a try.

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