Don’t our winters seem to feel like they go on forever!? Are you wearing the same thing over and over again? And are you bored of it? Here are some tips on what to add to your wardrobe to liven things up a-lot!

adornwinterupdatecolorADD COLOR (no seriously)!
There is no better way to uplift your mood and your wardrobe than with COLOR!! I am also an advocate of cashmere if you can wear it and this Subtle Luxury Side Panel Crew Sweater is the perfect POP of color but feels butter soft. You’ll want to live in it. Also instead of your ‘tried and true’ blue denim jeans try a different color like grey. These Genetic Shya Crops are the prefect neutral to pair with, well everything you own. Grey is a neutral it will work with anything.


A New Jacket
A jacket can profoundly change the look of your outfit. It can add style and make even a tee shirt and jeans look pulled together. There are so many shapes and styles on trend right now but I am particularly found of this Sanctuary City Safari Jacket. The long boxy style is actually quite flattering, it’s uniform shape helps to visually balance out the figure. You can dress this jacket up wearing it over your little black dress but it also works just as well with a tee shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. Don’t forget the bag! This one by Parfleche is a great option (available in the store).

adornwinterupdatnecklacePut a BOW on it
Putting together an outfit is like wrapping a present. Without the ‘bow’, your look may not have that ‘pulled together’ feel until you put ‘the bow’ on. Necklaces, earrings, handbags…they can all add to your outfit and freshen up even your least favorite pieces.

adornwinterupdatedressTry Something NEW!
Do you live in your leggings and oversized sweater? Try something NEW!! You’ll be amazed how much difference a new silhouette can do to your wardrobe. You won’t have to give up any of your comfort (no way!) this Prairie Underground Canvas Minimalist dress is comfortable and flattering.  Pair it with your Prairie Underground Girdles that I know you already have and you’ll be as comfortable as if you were in your yoga gear but you’ll look stylish and definitely NOT boring!

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