I’m not one of those who like to refrain from the holiday eats. What I usually do during the ‘eating season’ is amp up my workout so I can indulge. This year however, I had a minor surgery that kept me from working out, but not eating. I’ve gained a solid ten pounds and the holiday bumps are spilling out everywhere. I have been struggling with what to wear since nothing fits. Are you having the same challenges? Well I headed out to do some shopping at Shop Adorn to find outfits that will flatter me now and look good later as well.

Meet Liz; Mother of two beautiful little girls. She doesn’t have a bump on her but she did agree to be our model.  Thank you Liz! 



One of the best ways to hide a bump or two in the mid-section is to LAYER! But you don’t want to layer so much you add visual weight to your frame. That defeats the purpose. Keep those layers close to your body! We started with an Amour Vert Dress that skims Liz’s body but falls out and away gradually from under the bust, gliding right over and hiding any belly bumps one would have. Then, we layered this amazing Ecoskin Brooklyn Wrap (available in store) over. Notice that the wrap doesn’t add bulk but skims Liz’s figure while adding shape and contour. The fabric, shape and contour of this wrap will hide all your bumps but won’t take away from what you’ve got to show off.


Stretchy Fabrics

Oh don’t we just love stretchy fabrics. I know I do! I also know that right now I’m gravitating to my stretchy pants almost everyday. Go with your gut and wear the stretchy but try a different and new silhouette like a skirt. I love this Bailey 44 Skirt because it’s not stretchy pants but is just as comfortable and with the double knit layer that fabric is going to hide all your bumps. We layered this skirt with some new spring items including a Michael Stars tee with a pop of color in a Niki Biki tank. And no casual wardrobe is complete without the perfectly fitting Kut Denim Jacket. Nothing better than layering with stretchy to know that you’re looking good. 


A Blouse

I’m all about the stretchy fabrics but you’ve got to keep your looks varied or you’re going to start to look like you’re in a uniform. To change things up, add a blouse to the mix. Some blouses like this Ella Moss Henley can float just enough over all your bumps to camouflage them but not take away from your figure. Especially with the shaped hem that is cut higher on the sides. This will compliment your shape. Purse is by JayneMax.

What I ofter refer to as ‘The Bow’ or jewelry in laymen’s terms is a great distraction from what you’re trying to hide as well. A bold necklace such as this Nakamol Necklace (available in store) can draw attention away from areas you don’t want noticed.

So don’t fret, try out these tips and start to feel better because no matter where you’re body is at, if you’re not at your ideal weight, you should feel and look fabulous.

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