I don’t know about you but I LIVE in denim. I’ve even joked that my headstone would just say ‘She loved denim’.  And when you LOVE denim, it’s easy to make it a uniform. A uniform meaning that it becomes boring and uninteresting.

So how do you keep your look fresh and original but still rock your denim?  Wear patterned or printed denim.  Designers have come up with some great eye catching, wardrobe refreshing options. And YES, you CAN wear them!  Women of all ages and body types can rock a printed denim.  You just want to make sure that the print or pattern is age appropriate (Women over 35 stay away from the glittered unicorns:)) and that the print/pattern flatters your figure.

Free People Ikat Jeans

If you have doubts, start out with a pattern that’s darker in uniform(there is little contrast between the pattern colors) like these Free People Ikat Jeans.  This tells a great style story without being too loud and in your face.  I also LOVE that the rise on these denim are a little higher. I’m not saying SNL ‘Mom Jeans Sketch’ high, but high enough that they feel really comfortable and when you sit down the people behind you won’t get a peep show. Thank you Free People. The people sitting behind me thank you as well.

Here I paired a striped Amour Vert Tank with the Ikat pattern. Stripes can be a neutral and here they are worn far enough away from the pattern it would work for even the most novice of pattern pairer (nice new word huh). These denim are so dark and there is such little contrast to the print that you really can wear so much with them. Try a sweater in a color that compliments or matches the pattern. Remember it doesn’t always have to be matchy matchy though. And if all else fails, throw on your denim collared shirt and some heels or converse and you’re ready to roll but in denim that will tells a much more interesting style story than your traditional pair.


J Brand Star Jeans

And if colored pattern isn’t your thing for denim, you can try these J Brand Star Jeans.  These are tone on tone and can play as a neutral to ANY color you choose to wear.  If you want to pair them though with another pattern then choose another pattern that’s similar in contrast and size.  This Free People Top is perfect for this outfit.  The pattern is small in size and low in contrast (meaning that the colors in the patterns are closer in shade to one another than say black and white). The eye isn’t interrupted except to notice the AWESOME shape in the hemline of this blouse. How flattering is that!

Genetic Denim Liam Tie Dye Pants

This is another great example of how to wear print on print. These Genetic Denim Liam Tie Dye Jeans and subtle enough to wear with this colorful, printed  pinkyotto top, but still have some interest with the muted dye pattern. Again, stick with similar styles/shapes when it comes to pairing with another print and you’re golden.

Yes printed/pattern denim are for everyone and anyone who wants to rock them. Now I hope to have inspired you in ways you CAN and will wear them.  Keep your style fresh and try something new!

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