I used to work at a well known athletic company located somewhere near or in Beaverton and I always found that in the winter I had to dress to take layers OFF because they cranked the heat up. Yet in the summer I had to dress to add layers ON because the air conditioning was turned up so high.  I would freeze if I didn’t have something to cover me.  Since then I have heard stories from my clients of space heaters under desks, wool blankets on hand and that trusty Patagonia fleece you keep hung on the back of your chair.  Well there IS a way to stay warm AND adorable during the air conditioned months.  Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t Lose Your Shape!

You’ve sweated the last couple of months off to wear the dresses and show the legs but then you put a cardigan on and lose ALL that shape you worked so hard to firm up.  Whether this is you or not, you don’t want to look like a frump in your sweater. Cardigans should skim your frame and compliment your shape like this awesome oversized cotton We3 Simmer Down Shrug paired with this silhouetted Hard Tail Sleeveless Hi/Low Dress in Marine.  The high low cut of this cardigan will compliment your shape while the light weight drape will skim your frame.  All while keeping you just the right amount of warm. And to add a little more personality to the outfit I paired a bright pink belt OVER the shrug to pull in the shape even more and compliment the ‘tiny’ of the waist. TIP: Make sure you check out the back and straighten out the cardigan back there too…there are some of us that have to look at your backside too. wink.

 2. Make Sense

The least stylish thing to see is a woman wearing an adorable dress, with great wedges paired with a hideous winter ski coat..I mean WHAT THE ?! It doesn’t make sense.  If your wearing a summer dress, wear a summer cardigan or sweater. And before you even think it…yes, a light weight cardigan will keep you warm. I promise.

If you’re going to layer you want to layer with the same weight. You start out with light weight..you layer with light weight. I love this whole look; white LA Made Long Sleeve Open Cardi over the LA Made Cross Hatch Double Layer Dress, layered over the Subtle Luxury Cami Slip in Nude. Not one piece out weighs the other, it’s all in perfect balance and looks elegant, tasteful, appropriate but damn adorable! No ski parka here.

3. The Middle Finger

So many of my clients ask me ‘How long is too long’ when referring the the length of one’s long cardigan. My answer is this: Put your hands down to your side stretch your fingers totally out. If you’re shorter than 5′ 6″ your cardigan should fall no longer than right about the length of your longest finger. Yes…that one. And yes, there is a gray area..I mean if it’s an inch longer…no worries but 2 or three inches longer, you border on looking shorter than your actual stature.  . Why? Your legs. The longer the cardigan is the shorter your legs look because less leg shows. I love this Free People Cutie Booty Cardigan because one..the peacock blue is flattering for anyone’s coloring but two it’s lightweight and drapes so beautiful…but wait, I have to add three, the texture also makes this cardigan interesting on it’s own, without stealing all the lime light from the rest of the outfit.

Taller than 5′ 6″…rule doesn’t apply to you lucky duck.

And one last tip to leave you with.  I’ve rarely seen a long cardigan buttoned all the way up that flatters one’s proportions even if you were put together perfectly. So play it safe and keep it open. The narrow line the front makes is ALWAYS flattering! Especially if you follow tips 1 and 2.

Worn with the QSW Austin Dreams DressMs. Wood Obi Belt, and the House of Harlow 1960 Skylar Bag.

You heard it here…now go get warm with your cardigan the compliments your shape, makes sense and is light weight and isn’t too long for you!

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