DahlStyle Says: How to Layer

My client just the other day said You’re the queen of layering and I thought, what a compliment and told her I don’t really have a choice with the climate we live in. We have to layer to survive our cold wet months. But when you layer you have to do it right or you’re going to end up looking like the little boy who can’t put his arms down in ‘The Christmas Story’.

The key to layering is to start with your thinnest and longest piece and work from there. We started here with the softest, longest, and thinnest layer, the Subtle Luxury Cami slip in black. It feels like butter next to the skin and the little bit of lace on the bottom will add to our completed ensemble nicely.


Then we layered the Amour Vert tunic over the lace on our gorgeous model, vocalist and musician, Jennifer O’Leary to give her another layer to keep her warm and looking good. I love the A-line cut of this dress, so comfy, so flattering! Notice that it hits so the lace can kick out the bottom a bit really giving the tunic/dress a whole new look!


To add some color and texture we added an army green small wale corduroy shirt. It’s a little heavier than the dress but won’t add bulk because of it’s trim cut. This shirt has stretch to it as well so even though it fits like a glove you can move and maneuver and still feel comfortable. Here we’re wearing it open like a light jacket to not interrupt the nice narrow line down the center front of Jennifer’s outfit. This is a stylist’s trick to looking more trim.


Lastly we stuck with the theme of soft and cozy and layered this Tart Gabriella Blazer over the top of all of our layers. Again, this jacket has shape and fits really well so Jennifer doesn’t lose the gorgeous shape of her curves. It’s important that when layering you aren’t creating a more visually bulky silhouette for yourself. You see here that Jennifer has FOUR layers on but looks her fab self because nothing creates bulk, everything fits, and we started with the longest thinnest layer and graduated slowly to the shortest and thickest.


Now you know how to layer it up…send us some pics of how you layer.
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