Are you headed over to your parents house, your sisters or your best friends? OR are YOU hosting the big night of thanking and feasting at your place? Either way you want to make sure that you’re dressed to celebrate. Whether that means going casual or dressing it up a bit we’ve got some outfits that will make you feel put together and festive.

When it comes to Thanksgiving there are some priorities:

1. You need to be comfortable

2. You should look nice and appropriate for the occasion.

This means if you’re headed to a restaurant, you want to dress a little nicer. If someone is having dinner catered, dress a little nicer but if someone’s making dinner at their house then you can go more casual. This doesn’t mean your yoga wear ladies. This Free People sweater is stylish and comfortable, flattering and paired with your most comfortable black jeggings you look amazing but feel like wearing  jammies. I like these Kut Jennifer Skinny Leggings. Try not to wear jeans unless they are black or of a fun color.  It just tells your guests or hostess that you are appreciative of their invite or attendance.

Now if you are headed to a catered event or a restaurant then the same priorities apply, you just have to find a fancier silhouette to rock.

This Clair Vintage A-line dress is comfortable and flattering in EVERY way… let me count them:

1. A-line…flattering for everyone.

2. Cowl neck…flattering for everyone.

3. ELASTIC waist…oh yes I said it…E-LAS-TIC so you can move about comfortably AND have seconds if you so choose.  I love this dress paired with a nude heel too making that choice easy and it’s elongating. Wear a very sheer nude nylon if you need a little coverage or warmth (silk if the latter).

Now dudes…for the love of Pete. Do NOT wear your denim jeans unless they are dark dark navy or the only other alternative is rocking your cowboy boxers. I like these dark brown twill RVCA pants. Casual enough but NOT your favorite warn in denim.  And throw a tie on for good measure. It can be a casual choice like this wool Pendleton Portland Collection tie.

Oh and your Grammy called me and told me to tell you to TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN!

You can untuck after your third helping okay?

So celebrate, enjoy and be thankful for all the fabulous people you have in your life. I am thankful you’re in mine. Cheers.

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