DahlStyle Says: Next Spring Will Be Sweet As Sherbert

Being a Personal Style Consultant, I live in the retail world but I live it on the side of the consumer, not the owner or manager. So when Shop Adorn came to me with the opportunity to head down to Spring Market with them in Vegas I jumped at the chance!  My roll was to give any input on what I saw that would Fit, Flatter and Function for the Shop Adorn customer. And y’all know I LOVE to have an opinion so this was right up my alley.

I was SO eager to learn how the buyers made the decisions on what to buy and not buy and I have to say, you may be surprised at how often YOU are thought of when those orders are made.  I constantly had clients of mine in mind when I made a suggestion.

But market isn’t just the time to view lines and put in orders, oh no, it was a real life fashion show! It was SO much fun to see what everyone was wearing! The heels, the short SHORT shorts.  It was fun to watch, but it was also fun to dress up ourselves:)

You spend HOURS walking around, looking at countless styles so after awhile you start to really see some trends that are consistent across all the vendors.  We saw a TON of blues and oranges but if I had to describe the color pallet in general…I’d say SHERBERT but here are some specific examples of what I’m talking about

PJ Tops

EVERYWHERE! I don’t think there was one vendor that didn’t have a style of Pajama top. I particularly loved this one because of the colors. It can be so difficult for a PJ top to not look like a PJ top. This Amour Vert top looks sophisticated and elegant.

amour vert


House of Blues..and Orange

This Amour Vert tunic really is a great example of the blue/orange craze we saw. Blues and oranges were combined with just about any color. It was fantastic.

amour vert


We saw floral on everything! Blouses, sweaters, jackets, DENIM…everything!  Floral isn’t for everyone but  I have clients who love the little touch of femininity a floral piece can bring an outfit.

I did fall in love with this Ella Moss floral tunic.  The colors would be flattering on most anyone and you could pair this with a skirt for work or jeans and sandals to head out for happy hour with your besties.

No time for a time out

There really was NO breaks, we went from one vendor to the next. If we weren’t in a meeting we were seeking out new lines that looked promising. So when the last meetings of the day came around the bar that stood in middle of the showroom started to look more tempting. Here is a great photo of an order being wrote up in great company.

Mint Green Blazers

Brights are not going anywhere any time soon.  We specifically saw a rainbow of sherbert but in blazers we saw this beautiful mint green over and over again. I mean can’t you just see this with a pair of your favorite jeans and a white tee.  Ugh, love.

A little pool side RnR before heading back home

After four 9 hour or more a day days. I don’t know how many vendors visited, a number of new vendors discovered, it was time to take a day and lay be the pool. Let the blisters on our feet heel and sip a cocktail, or two.

It really was a great experience for this Personal Style Consultant. I realized that, at least in the case of Shop Adorn, the customer is thought of 100% of the time and orders are made thoughtfully and strategically so YOU the one spending your hard earned cash get pieces that you’re excited about, can’t wait to wear and wear out because you loved it so.

So keep your eyes peeled starting in February for the buys we made for you and as always, let us know how we did.  It IS about YOU!

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