You go into the boutiques and all you see are blowsy tops, skinny bottoms. Cropped this, maxi that..but how do you WEAR all of those different silhouettes so you look your best? Here are some outfits for you to check out and some suggestions for you.

Blowsy with Skinny

Personally I LOVE a great blowsy top. It can be so flattering and let’s be honest…you can have seconds and thirds without a second thought.

I love this Subtle Luxury Oversized Tee because of the colors…but this silhouette skims your figure and I love the high low hem which is both on trend but flattering since it adds dimension.  And since this tee is definitely on the blowsy side I like to balance out the look with something cut more slim and skinny. It could be a skinny denim pant or a slim cut trouser but the skirt shown fits that bill and then some.

This Hard Tail Seamed Pencil Skirt is just as amazing and just as comfortable as their well known leggings but this is definitely not a legging. Check out the seaming…skimming and flattering.








Tunics and Cropped

You’re not a shorts person? I get it.  The skin above my knees rarely see’s the glow of the sun. So go cropped. But if you do..make sure they flatter you! Here are some tips:

1. You want your pant to skim your figure. The biggest mistake women make when they buy a cropped pant is, they get the wrong size.  Yes you want to be comfortable but FIT is so important or you run the risk of looking baggy and frumpy, not flattering.  You want your pants to slightly hug your bum and top of your thighs and skim your legs.  You don’t want anything that looks too wide and boxy on your figure either. You are what you wear..if you wear giant boxy pants…you will look giant and boxy.

2. Where your pant hits or stops is SO important as well. It should hit right below the curve of your calf muscle NOT hit you AT the widest part of your calf. Why? The general rule is, you don’t want anything to hit you at the widest part of any part of your figure. Your eye will stop at each point where your top and pant stop and you don’t want that to be at all of your widest parts, right?! Try out this look with the Prairie Underground Sun Crow Pant and the QSW Parisian Swells Tank.







A-line and Maxi

I saved the last combination for last since I think it’s one of the most difficult to pull of.

I mean a flowy top with a flowy skirt…it just sounds like a mess of fabric but when worn correctly like in this photo, then you can look so summer breezy beautiful.  Here are are the reasons this look works:

1. This awesome RVCA Soul Free Tank top is loose enough to have a casual feel and I love the POP of the pink bandeau underneath to give it even more personality. It skims your figure, gives you some room but doesn’t look baggy or sloppy.

2. Also the baseball jersey hem line (meaning the seams go up on each side rather than going straight across) gives this tank some shape thus will compliment your shape. Go figure right!?

3. But what makes this tank work so well with this QSW maxi skirt?  The tank falls in line with the skirt, there is no interruption. The silhouettes (outside line and shape of the garment) both fall in an A-line. To look your longest and leanest you want the line of your silhouettes to be uninterrupted.

4. I also just love the high low hem on this maxi. It’s not crazy high and super low like you see everywhere it’s more subtle and flattering but very on trend.



So there you go, you CAN put trendy silhouettes together and look great…because you now know HOW to combine them! Now go buy and coordinate with purpose and confidence.

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