Yes, I’m a little obsessed.  The Ms.Wood OBI belt is BANANAS! I’ve for years suggested leather wrap belts to my clients but what came as a total (and pleasant) surprise is, not only are they wonderful for those women who have a natural feminine curve to their waist, but the OBI belt is perfect for those women who were not blessed with a curve (myself included in that category).  The architecture of the wrap belt actually GIVES some curve to the waist. I’ve worn mine with my maxi dresses and even with a tee and skirt. For those ‘Jessica Rabbit’s’ out there, the OBI hugs the tiny of their waist so well, they could possibly wear this belt with just about anything.  The leather is so soft and it’s not too thick so it actually stretches with you. Second helping? Bring it ON! I endorse and believe in this belt so much that I’ve started carrying a supply on hand, so instead of selling the belt right off my body, I actually have a supply I can offer my clients right then and there. I mean it really is the one belt I think most everyone should own.