Oh I know you’ve been there, you have about a thousand things on your ‘to do’ list, the kids woke up early and you just do not want to think about what to wear. So you reach for…dramatic pause…The Workout Pants and your cross trainers.  Sure you tell yourself you’re going to hit the gym after you run your errands but really you know that’s about as likely as your kids finishing all of their greens at dinner then putting themselves to bed.

Dressing comfortably as well as casually isn’t so difficult.  Here are some tips to follow.

hard tail leggings

Don’t forget ‘The Bow

If you’re a client of mine you’ve heard me talk about ‘the bow’ on ‘the package’.  It’s so important to adorn your outfit with some kind of accessory. It needs to be occasion appropriate, meaning that you don’t want to wear a super fancy earring with a casual outfit.

Sure she grabs a tee shirt but THIS LA Made tee fits so well and the color flatters her.  And these Hard Tail leggings have the cutest little skirt attached which makes it stylish and interesting. But what makes this outfit really come life is the bow. I LOVE this beautiful colorful scarf. The colors flatter both our model but also the outfit.  This is a great example of how much a scarf can bring to an outfit. Click Here to learn more about HOW to tie your scarf.

hard tail leggingsKeep it Interesting

It’s just as easy to choose a comfortable but interesting silhouette than it is to just grab a simple tee shirt.  This LA Made dress is basically a tee shirt but the cowl in the back makes it SO much more dynamic and interesting. And all you do is pair them with the Hard Tail leggings you were going to wear anyway.  I added the Black Ms. Wood OBI belt to add even more interest to this outfit. It draws attention to the waist but is so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on.  The shoes you wear are just as important too. You wouldn’t want to wear this adorable outfit with a pair of you stinky, dirty cross trainers right?  I’m just mad about these Yosi Samara Ballet Flats.  Style and comfort, it’s out there!

amour vert dress with yosi samra ballet flats

Think OUTSIDE the Workout Pant

You don’t have to be wearing baggy sweats or even workout pants to be comfortable.  People don’t realize how comfortable cotton jersey dresses can be. Especially in the summer! This Amour Vert Maxi Tube Dress has so much personality but feels like you’re in you pajamas.  I love also that it has pockets! I mean seriously! Wear on it’s own or pair it like I did here with the white Ms. Wood OBI belt and notice I didn’t just put any flat with this outfit, that would be just too easy.  We chose the Yosi Samara Ballet Flats in cobalt to give the outfit a little color block punch. Wear the unexpected and you won’t look boring. Ever.

So wear what makes you feel fantastic but for the love of fashion…don’t wear your workout clothes unless you’re going to ACTUALLY go work out.  There are options to be as comfortable as you are in your pajamas but look as sassy as you possibly can.

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