When I meet my clients for the first time I ask a series of questions to get to know them, their lifestyle and their shopping habits. One question I always ask is, “What is it that you like to shop for the most?” And the reply most often, “shoes”, why? Because “Shoes always fit”. Well so does jewelry, or does it?  Fit, yes, but flatter…no. Just like with footwear there are guideline that will help you choose a silhouette or shape that will most flatter you.


Take your face shape for example, if you have a round face COUNTER it by wearing length and angles and AVOID anything round which will exploit your roundness.

earrings These long drop earrings are a perfect example of what you should be wearing.They fall narrow and create a long line.

Now the round shape of the beads are not lost on me. When looking at an earring you have to look at the overall silhouette or shape of the earring. The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.



For example these Mishakaudi diamond shaped earrings. Length AND angles. Yes I see the round in the center. The length and angles to this earring negate the round in the middle. So round faces, rock’em.





Long and Narrow


Long and narrow face shapes are lacking width so you want to then avoid any styles that are both slim and long.

Give your shape some volume by choosing earrings that have some width to them.


This is a great opportunity to wear a round earrings. I love this Plume style. So pretty and so light weight.  The round will add width as well as soften your shape.



These Special Portland drop earrings have so much interest and shape to them that they will flatter a long and narrow shape beautifully.




The most photogenic people have square shaped faces.

Really the only shape of earring that you want avoid is square. If it’s not obvious by now why, then the reason is you don’t want to exploit your beautiful shape. Soften it a bit with a round earring, teardrop or earringselongate your face shape with a triangle shape like this amazing MOSS Handmade drop earrings.




Universally Flattering

There is one style of earring that I’ve found to be universally flattering. This style is the teardrop. It will add width to a long and narrow face shape, soften a square shaped face and slim and lengthen a round. I’m big fan of these Tumbleweed gold drop earrings. They are interesting enough to really add to your outfit but neutral enough that you can wear them with just about anything.






For more information on how to find out what earrings or outfits are right for you check out my website DahlStyle.

*Not all styles are available online. Please check store for availability.