Do you have an event coming up but nothing to wear to it?  Well it sounds like a few of you do. Thank you for those of you who reached out for some direction.  I’ve coordinated a few pieces for you. I hope they solve your wardrobe whoaws.

Business Dinner in the City

The Silvania Isabel Dress in Eggplant is perfect for a work function because it covers your shoulders, your ta ta’s and your legs appropriately BUT it’s still so feminine, flattering and beautiful. There are so many reasons I love this dress:

First of all there is NOTHING more flattering for ANY BODY TYPE than a wrap, a-line dress.  The wrap compliments the waist while the a-line can camouflage your stomach and hips, the two areas most women, lets say, aren’t crazy about.

Now second, this eggplant color looks good on just about any coloring whether you’re fair like our model here or olive or dark toned so take that off your list of concerns.

Last, the embroidered belt gives this dress INSTANT style and draws the attention to the tiny in the shape of this dress, thus making your waist look even tinier:)  Check, Check and CHECK!

Pair a shoe that’s appropriate for your function with this dress. If you can spare a peep of a toe, that’s very season appropriate but if you need more conservative then a pump will work perfectly.

I also paired this super stylish Love, Margaux iPad case just because it’s SO AWESOME and it IS a business dinner so there was an off chance one might be needing their iPad. I mean iPad’s deserve to get dressed up too right?!

Casual Summer Wedding

Casual wedding…seems contradictory right?  What the heck do you wear? Can’t wear denim. Don’t want to be wearing heels because you’re going to be tromping around in some field. So how do you look pretty but functionally appropriate?

MAXI DRESS with flats! DONE.

This QSW Native Watercolor Maxi Dress is just so many beautiful shades of purples and pinks but doesn’t look fussy at all. I love throw and go’s. When you put on something that is so simple in silhouette but interesting in the pattern you get INSTANT style!

I love that there is some elastic waist detail here. It gives this dress some shape but doesn’t take away from the comfort level.  You’ll feel like you’re wearing you pajamas.

Are you a cold person or are will this wedding head into the evening when it’s going to be chilly? Pair this LA Made Raglan Shrug with it. Still casual and flattering but functional.






Those of you who are familiar with me, you know I’m always preaching my analogy of the present and ‘the bow’.  It goes something like this…

When you wrap a present you put the present in the right box, one that Fits the present (you). Then you choose a wrapping paper that you as well as the recipient (those you come in contact with) will like. But a present isn’t put together until you put WHAT on the top?…..  THE BOW!

The ‘Bow’ can be jewelry, hairstyles and accessories, scarves, handbags, shoes, hats, eye wear, ties etc.

It pulls the look all together and makes it a complete presentation.

You can have a BOLD statement ‘bow’ or a subtle subdued bow. It all depends on what you’re putting ‘the bow’ on.

Take into consideration the patterns, textures and silhouettes you’re wearing when choosing the right ‘bow’ they should never compete but instead compliment each other.



Date Night

Are you good at scheduling date nights throughout the month or are you like my husband and I and wait until we forget each others real names (you know besides, “babe”) before we get a date night in?

Well here is the answer of what to wear for this special evening.  I mean, this IS Portland. Wherever you go you’re going to want to be comfortable and you can be as casual as you want. But this is DATE NIGHT not PTA night so show it off a little. (winking)

Seems like the ‘go to’ for most women is black. I get it, it’s easy but I always say, “if you’re going to wear something as plain as black make it interesting!” The Subtle Luxury Black Cami in this outfit has a mesh lace trim that gives it just enough interest to not make it boring.

And this Agave Denim Dolce de Amour Pencil Skirt in Citrus is anything BUT, but it’s super duper ueper comfortable! It sits high on the waist and is made a of a comfortable but sturdy denim so you feel like all your bits and pieces are held together nicely…all while still being able to breathe and more importantly (at least for me), you can pig out and still feel skinny when you stand up.

Ugh, isn’t it annoying when you’re super hot outside but then you go inside and the air conditioning is cranked up so high your lips turn purple and your teeth start chattering?  Yea yea, typical complaining Portlander. Well this We3 Simmer Down Shrug is the answer for that problem.  I was surprised with the slouchy cardigan. It didn’t look like much on the hanger but then I put it on…and now I WANT IT! It has shape and contour, style and sass.  It goes with everything for any occasion. (sigh)

And there it is again…’The Bows’. I love this fringe Hayden clutch from one of my favorite designers House of Harlow. Again, pair it with jeans and a tank with your flip flops or with this spectacular outfit for your date night.  And to just add a punch of color this ring I felt just added that last piece of interest that rounded out this outfit. It’s always better to put too many ‘bows’ on and then pair down if you feel you might need to because it may just be adding one piece to your outfit that can take it to The Next Level.

Until then, Shop Stylishly,