What an AMAZING response we’ve had to our latest blog collaboration!  Thank you for all your comments and questions. If you don’t see your question answered here, don’t fear. I will be getting back to you very soon so stay tuned.  So this is what we’re going to address for today:

“How do I incorporate a little bit of neon into my outfit?”

Well if you’re older than 30 than you remember rocking your neon literally head to toe. From your scrunchy to your keds (without laces of course). But now that we’re a little older, we want to wear the latest neon trend without LITERALLY looking like a neon light walking down the street right!?

My advice is to sneak your neon in…punch it through a tank top like we’ve done here.  You can see the neon Niki Biki bandeau but it doesn’t scream at you. And the texture from this Red 23 Eyelet Tank top softens the look as well so it’s not obvious but interesting. I also paired a summery and bold pair of turquoise Plume earrings with it as well so your eye doesn’t just go to the neon or the eyelet but is easily drawn to each element equally making for a great outfit! Pair this look with a pair of Jbrand skinny ankle pants or go bolder and rock a KUT denim short in another complimentary color. The white in the tank (being that it’s neutral) will ground all your colors so you’ll look colorful but not like a walking box of skittles.



“I need a work appropriate outfit that’s still springy and fun but appropriate?”

So the key to dressing appropriate for work is this:

What you wear can’t be

2 low- you don’t want to show cleavage. So choose a dress that’s cut higher or wear a tank top WITH the dress to give you more coverage.

2 high- Choose a dress that’s no shorter than 3″ above your knee and one that, when you sit down, doesn’t rid up so high you can’t cross your legs.

2 much skin- Some offices do not allow you to have exposed arms so choose a cardigan to cover them.

I love this LA Made Stripe V Neck Drawstring Dress because it falls not too short (remember our model is like 6′ so take that into account when looking at the photo). Had great coverage up top without looking too buttoned up and the light weight LA Made Long Sleeve Open Cardigan is just the right balance in weight and drape that it doesn’t take away from the lightweight of the dress. A perfect balance.

I also paired this great Moss Handmade earring that has a punch of red to it just to give this softly muted dress some color. It’s bold but makes a statement that doesn’t take away from the dress and cardigan but compliments it.

“What is another option for a ‘colored denim’ if I don’t want to wear bright color?”

Ahh yes, the bright colored denim. It’s everywhere and hard to get away from isn’t it.  Personally I’m finding the color palette for this spring so refreshing and inspiring but I understand it isn’t for everyone. That’s the beauty of PERSONAL style! It’s PERSONAL!

So how can you wear something that’s different than denim blue but isn’t a color in the rainbow?

Choose a color that’s more neutral like we’ve shown you here with these J Brand 811 Skinnies in Moccasin.  They aren’t the standard blue jean but they are still neutral which means you could pair anything you want with them…Like this striped tank top that is both beautiful in color but flattering in cut.

If you’re going to wear blowsy tops, I always suggest pairing them with skinny pants to create balance.  I also paired this subtle but pretty We3 Simmer Down Shrug with it and noticed that the stripes on stripes actually worked together. An example in ‘Just try it’ you never know.  The scale of stripes compliment each other as do the colors so it works!  You just made a pair of neutral but NOT blue denim skinny’s look interested and original. And don’t forget that ‘bow’. This LA Made Pleated Tank and shrug combination should teach you that you don’t have to be matchy matchy for things to ‘go’ together.  This Plume earring is neutral and paired with the tasseled House of Harlow 1960 Skylar Bag it really works with this outfit.

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