DahlStyle Says: You should try these on!

I did some Personal Shopping for you!  Here are some of my favorite pieces right now and why!

adorn1This Hard Tail Hi/Lo  jacket has SO much style! It can be worn open like a blazer or buttoned up like a top. It has so much structure and shape. What really sells me on this jacket is it’s knit so it’s like wearing a sweatshirt.  I loved this piece so much that I bought it and I wear it with my Prairie Underground Girdles and boots if I want to feel my most comfortable though I’ve been known to rock this piece with long skirts as well.


adorn2This Three Stones Rainier Coat  has some fantastic detail to it! It’s really a boutique looking item but so functional as well. The light weight feel is perfect for Spring but you can layer under it now for added warmth.

What makes this coat so cool is you can remove the collar completely if you so choose and the belt is full adjustable so you can make this jacket compliment you perfectly.


adorn3You can tell I just love me a shaped knit jacket. Why? Because you can just throw them on with your skinny jeans, boots and a tank top and they add INSTANT style to what you’re wearing.

This Prairie Underground Born To Run just looks AMAZING on! The navy color will flatter anyone and it’s THE BEST throw and go piece. Just throw it on and GO!  It has the most amazing contour on the sides and in the back. You’ll get the flatter and camouflage from the angled front that will make you feel confident ANY day of the month.  I haven’t seen this jacket look bad on anyone.

adorn4Well you know if you’re my client you can’t leave the house without the BOW on the package and what better accessory than a scarf for winter!  Just choose a scarf that flatters your coloring. I love love love

And if you’re not sure of HOW to wear a scarf check out the video I did for adorn HERE to show you which scarf to buy for your body type and how to wear it.

adorn5 You can add so much style to your outfit by just carrying an interesting handbag.  I am a HUGE fan of Melie Bianco bags. I own three myself.  They are so beautifully made and she chooses the best hardware.  These handbags look like high end designer but they sell for around $100!

Melie Bianco bags are vegan as well so when it get’s dirty or you kid draws all over it (happened to me) you can just wipe it right off!

So there you go! Some pieces you can just throw on and instantly look fabulous! Happy Shopping!

For more information on how I can help you with your Personal Style click HERE.


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