Dear Lauren,

I have to admit to something a little on the embarrassing side – I put on a pair of jeans that so eloquently graced my curves at the beginning of summer only to find out that the summertime libations I consumed had turned them into….jeggings. Oops. I can now safely say that I have put limits on my consumption habits to ensure this not happening again.

But, on a rather interesting note, I kind of liked them….better. Yes. You see, my body shape can actually accommodate this style when paired with a top that is not clingy. It hugs my backside in a way that made my man say, “Hey, those are good bootie jeans!” while my loose fitting top only shows the best parts of my ‘curves’ up top.

I also love love love to use leggings as tights.  I fondly think back to the SNL skit where Molly Shannon as Sally O’Mally shows us  ‘I like to kick, stretch and kick!’  I liken it to those that could possibly wear comfy yoga pants to work.  I feel like I have a little secret on when I wear them. Ha ha! I tell myself.  I have got to be the comfiest person here! I wear them under dresses, or with long shirts and high boots.  I simply can’t get enough.

It must be noted, though, that to sport these you should just take note from anyone that tries to wear them east of 82nd avenue.  Sometimes the best way to learn fashion is to learn from others mistakes.

Quiksilver Women’s Equestrian Leggings

The legging pant that has that has an equestrian spin with a paneling detail. Just like leggings, these pants are low rise and skin tight – perfect to pair with fall boots. 34″ inseam, 7 1/2 ” front rise, 12 1/2″ knee, 9.25″ knee/leg opening. 65% cotton, 30% polyester, 5% spandex knit. Imported. BUY HERE:

Leggings as tights? check it here:

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