adorn dress diva

Chelsea is wearing the Jack By BB Dakota Marilla Dress $50

Welcome to our first installment of the Get to Know Us series, “Dress Diva” where we feature our lovely employees and show you the dresses they love and how they like to style them. We may not all be divas per say, but Chelsea doesn’t mind being called a dress diva. She says when it comes to dresses, she loves to glam it up!

Chelsea is the latest member of our web team and shop girl. Chelsea loves whiskey sours, seeing matinee movies and  all things design. Graphic design, interior design, food design and of course, fashion design. Chelsea has always loved style and fashion and her style has fluxed from tomboy to girly girl. One thing remains the same: she loves wearing dresses. At the moment, her style is somewhat dreamy and vintage. She has a true “pear” shaped body with small shoulders, waist and tummy, but larger hips and legs. She looks best in dresses that are fitted on top and flare out more at the bottom. Read on to learn more about her dress style!

Q+A with Chelsea 

Q: Describe your personal style in three words
A: Whimsical, dressy, vintage
Q:  What’s your favorite dress you’ve ever owned?
A: The Jack by BB Dakota one I’m wearing in the picture! That dress is perfect for me. It shows off my small tummy, is a little romantic and isn’t so dressy that I can’t wear it during the day. 
Q: What kind of dress do you KNOW doesn’t work on you?
A: Shift dresses. It makes me sad because I love them, but when my waist isn’t defined and the only part of my body showing is my legs, I look like I’m just big all over. 
Q: Which part of your body do you like to accentuate?
A: Definitely my waist or my collar bones!
Q: What’s your favorite brand at Adorn for dresses?
A: I love Maison Scotch. They always have fun prints and colors.
Q: How do you style your favorite dress in your closet?
A: I love throwing on a chunky grandpa cardigan. All my dresses are on the dressy side, so sometimes I’ve got to dress them down a bit.
Q: Day dress or cocktail dress?
A: Cocktail dress! 

If you take the quiz and get Chelsea as your dress style mate, try the Bailey 44 Black Diamond Dress. It has a defined waist and looser bottom, making it your perfect fit.