adorn dress diva

Gretchen is rocking the Prairie Underground MTV Dress and Betsy & Iya necklace!

Meet Gretchen, our vivacious inventory, customer service, online ordering, and tons of other stuff expert! Gretchen is funny, sweet and always there to make everyone’s day a little easier. She is between an apple (bigger mid section and smaller legs) and an hourglass shape, so she needs a dress that is going to show off her small waist that hits just below the bust and her neckline. We think she nailed it in this Prairie Underground MTV Dress that shows off her amazing curves, but still works for her casual lifestyle. It’s a blank canvas for all the fun accessories she’s sure to add and the darting works wonders to  elongate and flatter the mid section. Read on for a Q+A with Gretchen, our laughter lady.

Q+A with Gretchen

Q: What length of dress are you most comfortable in? Maxi? Knee length? 
A: Just above the knee
Q:  Describe your personal style in three words. 
A: Casual and a little quirky
Q: What’s your favorite dress you’ve ever owned?  

A: B&W polka-dot retro style halter dress

Q: What kind of dress do you KNOW doesn’t work on you?  

A: Anything with an elastic waist. I need a little structure to my dress

Q:  Which part of your body do you like to accentuate?
A: My bust ;-)
Q: What’s your favorite brand at Adorn for dresses? 
A: My favorite brand for everything is Prairie Underground  :-)
Q: How do you style your favorite dress in your closet?
A: Pretty casually. I’m not a huge accessorizer. I usually just throw on a necklace.
Q: Do you prefer cocktail dresses or day dresses?
 A: I love an easy day dress


If you got Gretchen as your Dress Diva, then try the Prairie Underground Shooting Star Dress. With a defined waist just below the V neck and structure all the way through, this dress is perfect for curvier women with a bigger bust and mid section.
Prairie Underground shooting star