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Lacey is wearing the Bailey 44 Champagne Powder Dress

Meet our incredibly thoughtful, calm and warm creative director and jewelry buyer, Lacey. This lovely lady has a less is more approach to style. She is drawn to a simple and clean aesthetic and it works well for her! Her tall and slender frame looks fantastic in simple, classic shift dresses. Since she’s slender all over, she can get away with little to no structure (lucky dog!) Check out the Q+A with her below and be sure to take the quiz to find out which employee matches your dress style!

Q+A With Lacey

Q: Describe your personal style in three words.
A:  Simple, Beach, Classic
Q:What’s your favorite dress you’ve ever owned?  
A: A chartreuse linen sundress by CP Shades
Q: What kind of dress do you KNOW doesn’t work on you?  
A: Anything with a cinched elastic waist band. Blah!
Q: Which part of your body do you like to accentuate? 
A: Legs
Q: What’s your favorite brand at Adorn for dresses? 
A: Too many choices! Velvet or Bailey 44
Q: How do you style your favorite dress in your closet? 
A: Depends if it’s a beach day or dress up day.  It’s either flip flops and a beachy leather statement necklace. Second fav is an awesome pair of stilettos and a pair of sparkly earrings.
Q: Do you prefer cocktail dresses or day dresses?  
A: Cocktail!

If you got Lacey in the dress Diva quiz, check out the Bailey 44 Powder Hound dress. This classic dress doesn’t skimp on style and looks perfect on taller, slim frames.
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