adorn dress diva

Sam is rocking the Prairie Underground Supercowl Dress and a Lulu Jewelry necklace

Meet Sam, our talented and stylish web director! She is always there to answer a web question and has a real eye for design. Sam is creative to the max, loves cats, macaroons and watching documentaries. With her petite frame and her preference for comfort, Sam opts for dresses that are on the shorter side, have a little volume to off-set her small frame and that are made of comfy fabrics. She looks perfect in this Prairie Underground Supercowl Dress that adds volume to her frame and is made out of a soft sweatshirt material. Read on for a Q+A with our favorite web master.

Q+A with Sam

Q: What length of dress are you most comfortable in? Maxi? Knee length?

A: I love me a good maxi, but I also don’t mind something a little above the knee cause any opportunity I can give my legs some sun, I’ll take it!


Q: Describe your personal style in three words

A: Quirky, Minimal, Colorful


Q: What’s your favorite dress you’ve ever owned?

A: I am obsessed with my Maison Scotch pineapple dress! I actually just love anything that’s a little loose and comfortable that I can belt in at the waist. 


Q: What kind of dress do you KNOW doesn’t work on you?

A: Any hem that hits between just below my knee and just above the middle of my calf. EW. I look like a fat midget with cankles. Not cute.


Q: What’s your favorite brand at Adorn for dresses?

A: Maison Scotch or Curator


Q: How do you style your favorite dress in your closet?

A: With a belt and a chic pair of shoes. Maybe a necklace depending how sassy I feel that day


Q: Do you prefer cocktail dresses or day dresses?

A: Day dresses!!!​

If you got Sam as your Dress Diva, try the Maison Scotch Printed Detail Dress. The small print won’t overwhelm you and the added volume gives you a little more shape.
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