The kids are off of school, the sun is shining, and it’s the perfect time for a vacation! Whether you’re going to Florida or Italy, it can be hard to blend in with the locals when you’ve got a bag full of sunscreen, passports, and maps to carry – all while trying to prevent dreaded blisters on your feet! Finding the balance between comfort and chic can be hard, so we’ve broken it down into a few simple tips to help you not dress like a tourist! Instead of fussing with your fanny pack, you can snap the best selfie with Mt. Rushmore ever taken!

Fuss Free Jewelry: The last thing you want to do when you are away from home is bring all of your most expensive jewelry. That is a recipe for disaster. Instead, opt for your easiest, less precious pieces. We have a great selection of fun summertime rings by Ollipop! Of course, if you insist on bringing some diamonds or pearls, make sure you keep them safe in your carry on and don’t bring them with you everywhere you go!

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Vibrant Maxi Dress: Leave those plain jane dresses in your home closet and go for a flirty, brightly colored dress like this one by Jack by BB Dakota. Heading into summer, it’s all about color. So live it up in any hue you feel comfortable in! A maxi is a great go-to when travelling because you can literally throw it on and go!

Chic Sandals: While a closed toe flat from Yosi Samra will do you good, definitely bring some sandals. Just make sure they aren’t Tevas. That’s a huge no-no. If you’re doing some sight seeing, you’ll stick out in all the right ways if you do something a little more interesting than some sneakers.


Versatile Scarf: You might want a light weight layering piece that you don’t have to lug around in case the weather changes on you and you don’t need it anymore. A scarf like this one from Gentle Fawn is a great option. It doubles as a headscarf as well!

Carry All Clutch: Sometimes you don’t want to carry around a big bag; A lot of pick pockets target women with large bags. Try a 49 Square Miles oversized clutch that can carry all of your essentials and you can loop around your wrist for a secure grip!

It’s easy to look cute in a simple summer dress, but what about traveling to colder locations or planning a hiking trip? Even though there’s not a universal language, everyone loves the Pendleton Portland Collection for starry nights and chilly bonfires. Curl up with a Lava Lake Cardigan and forget about the soaring temperatures back home! For daytime activities, it’s easy to layer your high-tech gear with M Rena leggings and camis for extra warmth and coverage. Plus, the bright colors will help you stand out in the sea of neutral outdoor wear!

Let’s face it – vacations are one of the only times we are allowed to shamelessly take hundreds of photos with our families, so you’ve gotta look good! With these tips, you’ll be the most fashionable one in the group without being the most miserable. Now you can focus on what really matters: trying all the delicious and exotic food!