Happy Earth Day, everyone! Whether you chose to walk to work (I did!) or simply took a 5 minute shorter shower, every little bit helps! But why should Earth Day and the Green Movement be only about the act of reducing? Maybe we should start splurging on the “right” pieces! From organic cotton to locally made in the USA (lower transport costs… yes, please!), there are so many great brands to choose from. We’ve put together a special Eco-Fashion Collection just to celebrate today!


The hottest piece out there right now is the Prairie Underground Forties Coverall. The soft, organic cotton is practically like wearing your pajamas! It is so easy to dress up or down with a simple swap of footwear and accessories. Plus – POCKETS! Now you’ll never lose those pesky lip gloss tubes. If you’re more of a patterns girl, Hard Tail makes the oh-so-versatile Hard Tail Long Skinny Tee in a variety of patterns and colors!

If you’re looking to go all out this Earth Day, the ecoSkin line is fully dedicated to sustainable fashion. Most eco-conscious brands stick to producing basics, but ecoSkin has several unique pieces like the Hamilton Dress pictured above. How cute would this look with the Betsy and Iya Leather Bangles and the 49 Square Miles Clingy Wallet Last but certainly not least – beauty products! Both Butter London and Scotch Naturals are great alternatives to traditional chemical-filled nail polish. There are so many shades of pastels to get you in the mood for spring! Butter London even has a delish selection of lippy!


If saving the planet isn’t enough motivation, we’ve even launched a special Earth Day sale! Use the code GOGREEN to get $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. You’ll even get a reusable tote for free! Awesome!