since i am an honorary jew, i decided to do our gift guide based on the on the eight days of Hanukkah. these are my pix for the best gifts from Adorn. 


December 22nd:

Obey limited addition tees designed by Mike Kershnar.

owl tee for the ladies.

snake tee for the guys.


December 23rd:

unisex Erhart track jackets. designed by our very own peeps of the 503. the raw silk yoke and neon pocket linings make for a totally hawt look. 


December 24th:

Finn sweatshirts.

crew neck stripe for the guys. i’m so into crew necks these days. don’t even think about challenging me to wear one three days in a row. i’ll do it; i’m crazy.

red and black checked hoodie for the ladies. really thick and soft. perfect for wearing while sipping hot cocoa by the fire. can you picture it now?


December 25th:

Yana fanny pack for the confident and hip guy in your life. double hawt.


Harajuku lovers boom box music box for the girls. sounds a little weird, i know. trust me, this will make an amazing gift for the young ladies in your life (“what you waiting for?” get it?)


December 26th: 

Obey wallets for him and her. if you’re like me, you only shop for a new wallet when the old one is falling apart. who couldn’t use a back up? 

December 27th:

this is only day six. geeeez, i wish i really was jewish for all the selfish reasons of course. eating s-tons of food, and receiving presents are my main hobbies. i’m not even kidding.

unisex leather cuffs by Lacey Cassidy (a portland biker babe). she uses recycled leather to create a unique look that is appealing to both men and women (unless you are a crazy). 

(pictures coming soon)


December 28th:

okok. so i know this isn’t exactly a gift from Adorn, but have you ever had the brownies from Gold Rush? It’s the coffee shop right down the block from us. it’s on the corner of MLK and Russell. i almost passed out due to sheer pleasure the first time i took a bite of it’s dense and sugary deliciousness. if santa….i mean moses made me brownies like these for Hanukkah, i would be a very happy girl. 


December 29th:

the last and final night of our little celebration deserves a realllllly special gift. WATCHES!!!!

for him….the Vestal calculator watch :)

for her….the L.A.M.B Lockdown watch (i get tons of compliments on mine).