Fremont Store Manager

How long have you been working for Adorn?

About 6 years

What inspires your personal style the most?

I love blogger “Sincerely Jules,” and “Song of Style ” blog, I also enjoy Mary Kate Olsen’s style especially for fall fashion.

What is your favorite part about working with Adorn?

Styling all of the beautiful people! Finding pieces that fit and flatter every body type. I love to see how confident people feel after a style session! It’s so rewarding.

What is your favorite brand carried by Adorn?

Hard to just pick one! My favorites include: Lacausa, Philanthropy, Velvet by Graham and Spencer, and The Odell’s.

What fashion advice do you have for this upcoming season?

Do what feels good to you! Buy pieces that “spark joy.” Go for the bold prints, subtle details, and comfort!

What is your favorite item you have ever purchased from Adorn?

Ooo..tough choice. I love my 7 for all mankind “kiki” jeans, and I also love everything that Enza Costa makes!