Employee of the Week: Erin

Erin Roetker

Assistant Manager and Stylist at Photoshoots

How long have you been working here?

I started as an intern in September 2016.

What inspires your personal style the most?

I’m lucky enough to work in the weird and wonderful Downtown Portland and I get to see lots of eccentric street style. I find most of my personal style inspiration by what others are wearing and deciding how I can twist it into my style.

What is your favorite part about working with Adorn?

My favorite part about working for Adorn is the people! I truly love everyone that works for Adorn and am always excited to see my co-workers. I also love how many hats I am able to wear. I get to style photo shoots, help with social media and work in the stores. A plethora of wonderful experience!

What is your favorite brand carried by Adorn? 

My favorite brand Adorn carries is LACAUSA. Every design is simple yet eye catching. It is the perfect balance. It is also designed and made in Los Angeles, which is always something I support.

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