Lynn Mayo

Retail Sales Therapist

How long have you been working here?

Just shy of one year.

What inspires your personal style the most?

Non-intentional individualism. Simple (yet interesting) design, solid colors, classic lines with an occasional touch of asymmetry.  I do not tend toward the “tried too hard” look.

What is your favorite part about working with Adorn?

The overall vibe.  On any given day I walk into a beautiful retail boutique showroom with fabulous music playing and a team of individuals who work hard and have fun.  By sheer nature of this vibe, the customer(s) feel good, at ease, and have a wonderful shopping experience.

What is your favorite brand carried by Adorn? 

Sorry, I don’t have just one. With that said, however, Prairie Underground has a design aesthetic that can be very simple, yet creative.  I love Prairie.

What is your favorite current trend? How would you style it?

I love “frayed ankle” jeans.  The fray adds simple “style.”  I like to wear mine with an oversized T that I tuck into one pocket (a look that I see often now, but swear I was the trendsetter for about 5 years ago!  Then I’ll finish it off with my favorite “Free People” flats.

Which designer inspires you the most?

Armani.  And I have never met an Armani jacket that I did not fall in love with.  I also love the simple classic designs by Vince.  Many of the brands we carry at Adorn remind me of some of my favorite Vince pieces.

What fashion advice do you have for the upcoming season?

Keep it simple.  Don’t “over style.”

What is your favorite item you have ever purchased from Adorn?

Seriously?  I only get to choose one?  Then it will have to be my new Veronica M Navy Jumper.  It is simple and elegant, and it is the most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever worn.  It’s nice to have a classy piece that feels like pajamas when you’re wearing it!