Finding the Perfect Pair of Denim: Nicole’s Story

Premium denim
Photo: Alexis Arnold

“Five years ago, after I had my second child, I struggled to get back into my old size in premium denim. I still had my faded, worn, boyfriend jeans that are so relaxed they’ll always work, but I stared at drawers full of expensive jeans and wanted so badly for them to fit. There’s nothing like the perfect pair of jeans — the ones that hug you in all the right places, forgive your sins and boost your assets, and jumpstart your confidence like no other piece of clothing can. That denim you put on that reminds you of just how smokin’ you are? That’s what I missed; the feeling of confidence and sexiness that my pre-baby wardrobe gave me.

For two years, I lived in Prairie Underground denim girdles and cigarette leggings, two styles I still adore. But I wanted to get back into that perfect pair of jeans. I got fed up — and then I got focused, determined to find premium denim in sizes 33 and 34. As our curvier customers know, that’s a tall order. At Adorn we always have at least 10 premium denim brands in store, so I knew someone had to carry sizes past 32. And I was going to find them.

 After a bit of research, I discovered that a handful of brands do offer denim up to sizes 33 and 34, but in very short supply, and often only available in styles that didn’t suit our grown-up customer base. There was hurdle after hurdle, but I was determined to make it happen.  It’s taken me literally years, but now, premium denim lines like Fidelity, Hudson and Paige are all making 33s and 34s especially — sometimes exclusively! — for our boutique. How awesome is that?! (My personal favorites are the Paige Jimmy Jimmy and the Hudson Nicos, if you were curious.)

So my mission was complete, right? Wrong.

One of the many reasons Prairie Underground is so popular and has such a loyal following is because all of their pants and leggings have a nice, long inseam, so they’re perfect for tall girls (if you haven’t yet tried on a pair of denim girdles, regardless of your height, get to the store as soon as possible. You’ll be hooked, I promise.) Once word got around that we had styles that catered to tall girls, I was able to convince my suppliers it was time to pony up even more long inseams. This season, we’re one of the few retailers in the country to stock the brand-new Paige Leggy jeans in a 35.5” inseam. And that’s just the beginning.

 I started Adorn in 2008 because I wanted every woman to walk into our boutique with confidence that she’d leave with options, not just pieces she wasn’t sure how to style. I come to work every day because I truly believe every woman deserves to feel like a million bucks, whatever her size or shape. Maybe you’re struggling to find denim that works for you because you just had a baby, or maybe you have yet to find your perfect pair. Whatever’s going on in your life — or in your closet — my team and I are here to help. We’re on a mission to make shopping fun again, to give you back that “Damn, I look good!” feeling when you get dressed in the morning.

The best part of Adorn, without a doubt, are the relationships I’ve built along the way with you, the customers. Have an idea? Think we’re missing something? Just say the word!   Send us your denim wish list, and I’ll do my very best to make it happen. “

                    Signed Nicole

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on Nicole’s most fitting denim picks for every body type!

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