Fluxus—a name taken from a Latin word meaning “to flow”

Inspired by the mid-century art movement and Los Angeles inner-city culture, FLuXuS breaks away from tradition and encourages the advancement of self-expression through fashion. FLuXuS clothing has embodied art in every garment created since 2007; incorporating simple but tactile materials such as jersey cotton, tri-blend and the signature hand of the burnout in avant-garde shapes and cuts for men and women.

FLuXuS does not believe in outsourcing. Everything in our Los Angeles infrastructure is vertically integrated, from conceptualization and manufacturing to retail. FLuXuS clothing is committed to helping and working with local communities as well as facilitating social progress in the workplace to create a revolution in the apparel industry.

FLuXuS, from a Latin etymological root meaning flow, describes a movement with origins in futurist performance that blurs the lines between all artistic genres. Influenced by the work of John Cage and Marcel Duchamp, the Fluxus group, which includes Yoko Ono, Beck and Ben, shifted the emphasis from what an artist makes to the artist’s personality, actions and opinions.

Blending and connecting all aspects of art and life, intermingling different philosophies and cultures This is what FLuXuS clothing represents.

There is life, there is art and in between is fashion.