Fluxus is one of our favorite brands. While most of their line caters to the ladies, there is no need to fret, gentlemen. Like v-necks? What about donning a scarf that blends form and function?

We’d all like to rock a scarf, regardless if you want to admit it or not. A popular transition would include skinny scarves or one from a footballing event (Go Timbers!).

How would you feel about a change of pace, though, with a more European vibe?  Jude Law is a style icon and one of those actors the female crowds love to gawk at. Why not make a style change and throw on this comfortable yet undeniably hip scarf  (and if you are truly worried about the functionality, it will definitely keep you warm).



And there’s always Johnny. He loosely drapes his Fluxus scarf for an effortless, laid back look. Dress up your Fluxus or just pair it with a tank or tee. With cooler weather around the corner, this is a great everyday piece that instantly elevates any outfit.