A day spent running errands and taking care of  business is no reason to wear sweats or whatever is laying around. You can look chic and put together in just a few short minutes if you have the right items. We love the way Jessica Alba wears the Zannie wrap from Fluxus clothing when she’s out and about with her daughter.  We put together an outfit just like it, with Siwy jeans and an Alternative Apparel tank, that anyone can replicate and look fabulous in. The best part is, each piece can also create several different outfits on their own.

The Fluxus Zannie Wrap in heather gray, our price: $90.00

Modal Silk Skimmer Tank in Alabaster by Alternative Apparel, our price: $20.00

Siwy Denim Hannah Forever Jeans, our price: $180.00

Fluxus Nomad Scarf in Captive, our price: $48.00