Our week of gift guides is drawing to a close and what better way to end it than with five perfect present ideas for that women who is always on the go!


Gift Guide: Girl on the Go

1. We love all the fun ways there are to tie a scarf (especially after we made a video with DahlStlye on the subject) but sometimes you are just too busy to be fussy. That doesn’t mean, however, that you need to forgo the scarf altogether!

Our Coal The Alpen Scarf in Mint is perfect for the busy gal. A tube scarf, this beautiful mint knit is sooo warm and soft, and can be thrown on in approximately 2.5 seconds.






Gift Guide: Girl on the Go

2. The iPad has become the universal sign of a person constantly on the go. Lightweight and more compact than a computer, it can also be hard to hold onto when you’re buzzing around a lot.

To protect those pricey gadgets may we suggest the Graf & Lantz iPad Sleeve in Cobalt. Understated and simple, this all wool felt iPad sleeve will protect your tech from the bumps and thumps that are bound to befall it in your fast-pasted life.




Gift Guide: Girl on the Go

3. When you’re constantly on the move a big purse can be the only thing standing in between you successfully completing everything in your day and you just completely loosing your mind.

This Ellington Sadie Nubuck Hobo in Brown is a wonderful carry-all that you can shove your iPad, keys, notebooks, pens, wallet, smart phone, Nook or Kindle, make-up bag, and any other essentials into without fear of them being swallowed up and forgotten (cause sometimes a purse is TOO big!)




Gift Guide: Girl on the Go

4. What is amazing about Hard Tail leggings is that they are without a doubt the best legging to wear from day to gym to night. Slip these Hard Tail Low Rise Ankle Leggings in Black on in the morning and you wont need to worry about them bagging out. They’ll stay in place all day, whether you’re running errands, working those pesky post-Holiday lbs off, or going out on the town.

Sizing for these leggings are the basic S, M, L, XL, so as long as you have a general idea of the person’s body type it should be pretty easy to size, however we know our Hard Tail leggings like the back of our hand (we live in them!) so if you have questions we are more than happy to help you out, just come in to our Portland boutique or give us a ring!





Gift Guide: Girl on the Go

5. Our Yosi Samra ballet flats have been a best-seller consistently for us for a while now, and that is because our customers realize just how fantastic they are! Worn by the likes of Jessica Abla, Kourtney Kardashian, Anne Hathaway and MANY more, Yosi flats are beyond perfect for the lady on the move. Flexible enough to roll up, you can place these in your purse to be whipped out whenever you need a flat.

The Yosi Samra Ballet Flat in Cherry Patten is perfect for the holidays with its bright red color, which will also add a pop of color to your wardrobe.



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