Harajuku Tee – Rock G

The leader of the pack is on lead vocals in this Harajuku Tee featuring Gwen Stefani with her famous blond locks and a white dress.  This super cute off the shoulder boatneck Harajuku Tee also features on the back the four harajuku girls in their hottest rock outfits.   Perfect for going to concerts & hanging out with your friends, this Harajuku Tee in rich black is a must have…click here to buy one today!

Love, Music & Baby

The rest of the band is featured in these 3 Harajuku Tees.  With Baby on the drums and Love & Music both on Guitar, these girls look like they’re ready to rock!  Buy each of them today & rotate which ones you wear depending on how you feel that day.  Click here to buy these Harajuku Tees or other Harajuku Lovers Clothing