Let Us Guide You: For The Hipster in Your Life

It’s our second day of our gift guide week, and we decided to get some of our most hipster-tastic items in our store together to give you some ideas on how to shop for the person we all seem to have in our lives: the hipster. From the over-sized glasses fad to the increased popularity of  shoes like this, nowadays everyone seems to have at least a little bit of hipster in them, loving the somewhat grungy, quirky, relaxed and non-trendy trendiness of being a so-called “hipster”.

*Helpful hint: in typical hipster fashion, these gifts can work for both guys and gals. Talk about making things easy!



Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hipster

1. Hipsters like to be ahead of the trends which is exactly what EOS New York is all about. Quoted from their “About” page: “Why wait for trends to develop and pass you by. Don’t be a member of the pack. Be a leader, not a follower.”

That all being said, the EOS Mixtape Watch is the perfect accessory for any hipster. Unique enough to not be “mainstream”, with a quirky nostalgic feel, the EOS mixtape watch can be laser etched with a robot and “60 MIN” on the bottom corners. Nerdy, old-school, chic; whatever you want to call it you can’t deny it’s perfect.


Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hipster

2. There are few things more important to a hipster guy than their hair. The Mister Groom with Comb and File in Black Leather is a prefect little gift that will help your hipster keep their locks in check. The nail file is a great added bonus.




Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hipster

3. Fedora’s have been huge in fashion thanks to the likes of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Jason Mraz, but despite their mainstream appeal hipsters can’t seem to stay away (and to be honest, who can blame them? A good fedora really adds some funky fun to a wardrobe). Our Coal The Camden fedora is a quality hat made of 100% wool, with a neutral color that can be played up or down. Add a bright red feather to it for an instant pop of whimsy.


Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hipster

4. One thing I absolutely love about the hipster look is the fun socks they seem to wear. This may seem like an odd thing to notice, but I swear, between those rolled-up skinny jeans and brown loafers I always seem to notice some bold patterned or bright colored socks that remind me of our Richer Poorer socks.

Whether they are more subtle, like our Richer Poorer Freeman Socks (pictured) or bright and quirky like the Richer Poorer Truant Socks, these socks are hipster-perfect!




Gift Guide: Gifts for the Hipster

5. Finally, there is no way we could make a hipster gift guide and not include a great flannel button-down. This Bridge & Burn Roosevelt Shirt in Red give the wearer that hipster-chic look, and is super comfy. Perfect for men or women, pair this with a beanie, thick-rimmed glasses and a pair of skinny jeans and bam! Insta-hipsta!










This was just five of my favorite hipster-appropriate items, but there is more on our website, so check it out! 2012 Gift Guide for the Hipster. 


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