The people in your life who are more than occasional coffee buddies deserve a more fabulous holiday gift! This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, though. This holiday gift guide features items that are $50 and under, meaning you can splurge a little on yourself this winter, too! From your favorite blogger to your newborn nephew, we have a little something for everyone.

Holiday Gift Guide Under $50

1) Squirrel Business Card Holder. Days at the office don’t have to be full of emails and expense reports! Let this little guy from Red Sail brighten up your coworker’s space and make it feel a bit more like home. The best jobs are always those that you do with your friends. Just ask us here at Shop Adorn… we love spending all day in the store!

2) Grumpy Cat Locket. Admit it, after you saw the adorable video of grumpy cat, he won over your heart. Now his sad little face has been immortalized on a locket! This one from Silhouette is perfect for your crazy cat-lady neighbor or quirky best friend. Who doesn’t love pop culture?

3) Bubble Bath. One of the best ways to relax is with a steamy hot bath with lots of bubbles! And if this isn’t the most adorable bubble bath packaging, I’d really like to see what is! Mr. Bubble ain’t got nothin’ on Library of Flowers! Find this one at Presents of Mind!

4) Artsy iPhone Case. Otterboxes may be functional, but do you really want to look like you’re carrying around a walkie talkie all day? In a world where everyone (even 8 year olds!) has an iphone, give the gift of individuality with this subtle yet striking iPhone case from Woonwinkel by artist Britt Bass.

5) Cat Tights. There are so many adorable and purr-fect gifts out there (pun totally intended)! These unique tights from SaySay Boutique scream “Portland” to me and would be so cute worn under a winter dress or wool shorts. Let’s just hope other kitties don’t get jealous!

6) Tocca Perfume Sampler. Another great gift for someone you don’t know too well but want to show you care! My mom and I always struggle with what to get my brother’s girlfriend whom we don’t know too well, but she seemed to love the sampler we got her last year like this one from Branch Birdie! Coming from a lady, I like perfume, but I love being able to choose from three!

7) Pieces and Patterns Calendar. Okay, okay, I’ll admit that calendars are kind of a cliché gift, but for the busy bee in your life who values style, this one from Tilde is a great modern take! There’s plenty of room to make notes around the sides or to leave blank for a crisp look. Pair it with the squirrel card holder for an extra fancy office in 2014!

8) The Clutch of all Clutches. If you haven’t heard of Seaecho, (which, chances are you have because it is a Portland sensation accessory), then you do now. These are amazing bags and they come in a bunch of different sizes. I have Portland friends who own multiples of these babies and they just get better with age.

9) Gentle Fawn Tank. This sexy-yet-classy piece can be worn under a blazer to the office or alone for after-work-drinks! It’s a grown up version of the popular cut-out trend. Surprise your stylish mom with a tank that will make her feel like its 1973 again!

10) Jan-Marc Wine. Made in the local Willamette valley, this Pinot Noir from Jan-Marc Wine Cellars will please newbies and aficionados alike! It is a hand-selected blend, chosen over all of the other wines that Jan-Marc produces. Give someone a bottle or spring for a membership to the wine club!

11) Beanies. The great thing about beanies is they don’t discriminate. They are perfect for any age, gender, or head size. Lift Label makes these well-made beanies that won’t unravel on you through all of your winter excursions. Fun fact: These thick, cozy hats are created on one of the last circular knitting machines in the USA circa the 1920s.

12) Pendleton Wallet. A perfect sized wallet with the classic Pendleton prints everyone knows and loves. Your recipient will always carry a little bit of your generous spirit with them in this wallet, along with their essential cards and cash. You can choose from three different prints too!

Shopping for friends who you are closer to than your coworkers but are not quite on the same level as your besties are the most difficult to shop for. Most people fear giving a gift that was clearly less expensive than the one you receive, or vice versa! But even the most modest gifts can be made incredible by a personal touch. Try adding your friend’s favorite candy to the gift or attach tickets to a fun event both of you can enjoy. As long as you exude sincerity, she will be sure to love it!

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