Now that Oprah has featured the Fluxus nomad scarf we have scarves on the brain. While it’s clear how fashionable scarves can be and how they can add some razzle dazzle to just about any outfit, some of us don’t know the different ways to wear this must have accessory. Luckily at Shop Adorn we’re here to guide you towards three of the more common looks- the knot, the loop and letting it hang.

The knot (as seen with the pulp colored scarf)
This tried and true look can be accomplished in a flash on your way out the door and looks best with a blazer, cardigan or over a simple shirt. Hold both scarf ends in one hand and hold the looped end in the other. Hang around the back of your neck and then thread the loose ends through the looped end in front and viola you’re rockin the knot.

The loop (as seen with the purple, blue and black scarves)
Just as simple as the knot and a great way to add some depth to a tee, sweater or dress. Hold an end of the scarf in both hands and drape the scarf around the front of your neck. Wrap around your neck two or three times, depending on how much slack in the scarf you prefer. You can leave the ends hanging in the front, or back or tuck them up in the loops. You can also simply loop it once around your neck and let the ends drape down your front for a tighter look.

Letting it hang (as seen with the ivory scarf)
This is by far the simplest, but looks fantastic with just about any top or jacket that hits below the waist. Just drape the scarf around the back of the neck and let the ends fall loosely down your front.

These are of a few classic ways to wear a scarf, but we want to hear how you like to wear one in our comments section below!