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It’s that time of the year when sickness rears it’s ugly head and takes many of us out of commission for a while, and, unfortunately I am no exception. So, when I’m not passed out trying to sleep my way through the shivers, what do I do to combat the boredom and hopefully help me feel a bit better? I prop myself up amongst my comfiest blankets, snag my laptop and began an epic internet search for pictures, memes, gifs and so on that bring me some inspiration. I don’t know why, and I don’t fight it, but something about pretty, pretty pictures just makes me feel better :) So, whether you’re trapped in bed like I am right now, or dozing at work here are some pretty, pretty pictures just for you!

tumblr mgzpu0TKaP1rugmfko1 400 Inspiration Board

Free falling.

tumblr mh4t2tlJjA1rv5indo1 500 Inspiration Board

 Roman inspired.

tumblr mfymp3hPh81qbbn89o1 1280 Inspiration Board

 Poppin’ bottles.

 Inspiration Board

 Who knew a shirt could be so right.

tumblr m0qh4z8o9d1r9jb75o1 250 Inspiration Board

Waiting for the sun.

tumblr mh01icsPZ61rdbqhmo1 250 Inspiration Board

Pearl girl life.

tumblr mh2jvbTLSk1qfm87to1 250 Inspiration Board


tumblr lwzpffzurg1r06qo4o1 500 Inspiration Board

Bring it.

pic 4334 1344857908 Inspiration Board


tumblr lk0l2nG9mX1qiji6mo1 500 Inspiration Board

Fairy dusted.

 Inspiration Board

Namaste and all that jazz.

tumblr lpj5uw1AKg1qhe2rjo1 500 Inspiration Board

Life’s a beach.

tumblr inline mh88prvmNV1qz4rgp Inspiration Board

She is perfection. The end.

tumblr mh95o7BDFa1rugmfko1 500 Inspiration Board

Tutu for you.

tumblr mh5qcjSGgh1qgesj1o1 250 Inspiration Board

Just some light reading.

biker3 Inspiration Board

Biker chicks love dainty flowers.

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