There’s paint on the walls, dressing rooms assembled, and a big, pretty space for us to fill with the all of the inventory that is quickly taking over our little office. The layout is a slightly different, but it finally feels like Shop Adorn in there again. Some new additions to the store, which were designed and built by our handyman extraordinaire, Ethan, have caused us to literally squeal with delight. Not the most pleasant sound, but it has merit. The new cash wrap was hand built and covered with pieces of salvaged wood from different places, each with it’s own history. And much like all of the other fixtures we’ve chosen, everything has a little story about how it came to be a part of the new store. Maybe one day, we’ll discuss the hunt to find lighting, but that’s still a sensitive subject ;). The rebuild journey is nearing the end, and we couldn’t be more excited. Less than two weeks to go!

The new cash wrap, ready to be penny topped

Dressing rooms that will soon be painted and wallpapered

How great will all of these things look hanging on this beautiful rolling rack?

The brand new upstairs office!