Styles come and go and the high-rise jean is no exception. However, we happen to think the high-rise deserves a place as a staple in every woman’s closet.

The high-rise jean is so much better than its sometimes maligned reputation. We won’t lie; we’ve seen this look go wrong. Very, very wrong. Remember the highly publicized pictures of Jessica Simpson wearing the high-rise carpenter jeans with the leopard print belt? Not that Jessica can’t pull off a fabulous high-rise, but that pair was simply not the right cut for her.

Not all high-rise jeans are considered equal. J Brand denim has mastered this look and we just received two of their new styles.

  • J Brand Kiki High-Rise Flare: Show your flare in this stylish high-rise wide leg jean. Wear them with platforms or heels.
  • J Brand Maria High-Rise Skinny: A classic high-rise legging that is sexy and comfortable. Power Stretch Denim is an extraordinarily smooth fabric that hugs and shapes your body.

A high-rise isn’t just for the Boho-chic or Sailor Sally look. J Brand High-Rise Denim contour your body seamlessly, eliminating belly bulge and giving you some extra height. Wear it shirt tucked in, shirt left out, with platforms, flats, belts, etc. There is so much you can do! Still feeling a little apprehensive? Come to Shop Adorn and we’ll put together a high-rise look with the new J Brand jeans, perfect for your body.

J Brand Kiki
J Brand Maria