2015 was a great year, and we loved getting to know all of you, friends new and old.

One of those is Liz, our January customer of the month from Division!

jan 1Top: Bailey 44 Gehry top / Skirt: Bailey 44 viral expression / Necklace: Grayling Spire Convertible Necklace / Druze cuff bracelet: Leslie Francesca / Herkimer: Roost

Let’s get to know Liz.

Adorn: Have you always lived in Portland? If not, where do you call home and what brought you here?

For many lovely Years! I love it here! I love bringing vintage to this town!

Adorn: How do you like to spend your personal time?

I am very interested in the outdoors. I also adore my puppy Guy and spend lot’s of time with him!

Adorn: What are some professional and/or personal pursuits that you are passionate about?

Vintage, Estate digs, and life! Friendship matters so much to me.

Adorn: Any special talents or hobbies you want to share?

My love for Life!

Adorn: How would your BFF describe you?

Laura is my bestie. I hope she would describe me as very loyal and kind!

Style Questions

Adorn: How did you first hear about Adorn?

I have loved Adorn since they opened on Division last year! Shopping here religiously ever since!

Adorn: What do you love the most about Adorn?

The staff and the jewelry! I also love the way I look in the styles here. They are always so current!

jan 3Dress: French Connection Midnight Wrap Dress / Earrings: Grayling Prism

Adorn: What is your favorite Adorn piece?

My Jenny Bird Jewelry!

Adorn: A trend you are loving for this Season?

I am loving form fitting clothes. I’ve lost a lot of weight and the clothes are such a delight to wear!

Adorn: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

My Mexican dress and the platforms from Adorn

Adorn: Where do you get your style inspiration?

From everywhere. From life. From old glamour!

Adorn: What is a brand you’d love to see at Adorn?

I think Adorn has the best right now! I do love Vince Camuto shoes though!

Adorn: Who’s your style icon?

Marilyn Monroe

Adorn: Describe your personal style.

Eclectic, chic and sexy!

jan 2
Dress: Bailey 44 Underground Dress / Coat: Bailey 44 Gramercy / Hat: Kate Brown LA Erin Fedora / Wallet: 49 Square Miles Chit Chat Wallet / Necklace: Sarah Dunn Sterling Shark Tooth

Adorn: What is your favorite article of clothing from your closet?

My vintage pieces that are not replaceable.

What is the last piece you bought at Adorn?

The wonderfully cozy Curator  coat! I just love it. Never take it off!

Adorn: Favorite denim fit?

Mother’s jeans! Fave fit!

Adorn: Goofiest fashion trend you have participated in?

20’s fringe dress!

Adorn: Heels or flats?

Heels! Always!

Adorn: What is your favorite color to wear? Least favorite?

Least favorite blue. Most favorite black!

Adorn: Most regretted fashion decision to date?

I don’t have one! Lucky, I guess.

Adorn: 3 must-have items on any vacation?

My ethnic dresses, heels, a wrap from Lilla-p. I took it to Europe and it was all I ever needed!

We hope everyone’s 2016 is off to a lovely start – stay tuned for our next customer of the month from Fremont!