The photos are in from our 2nd Friday!  There was complimentary beer from Windmer Bros, margaritas, and spicy shrimp wontons from Soluna Grill (which was so, so tasty).  Shoppers who spent $150 or more got a free Shop Adorn tote and a $25 gift card.  What started as a cloudy day cleared into a wonderfully sunny and warm evening, perfect for merriment, free food and beverages, and great clothing.  If you missed this month’s 2nd Friday, don’t worry! Come to August’s 2nd Friday where we’ll be having a Quicksilver trunk show.

Show off those sexy curves in the Fluxus Rendezvous Dress in Boa, like these ladies.

The yummy food from Soluna Grill

Margaritas and Windmere Bros. Beer

Your choice of color for the Shop Adorn tote (orange, blue, and red)

Paperjam stopped by the store to say hello!

These two lovely ladies were nice enough to try out our “photo booth”

It’s a team effort to find that perfect look

See you at the next 2nd Friday!