Just because it’s not Earth Day anymore doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be eco conscious! In lieu of designating one day a year to being green, join us on our mission to be ecologically friendly year round! Get some wonderfully innovative ideas tips from these little gems we’ve collected from around the web, so you can go green with style! Who said going green couldn’t be fabulous?


1) Be Nice to Your Face. Working in the beauty industry for years as a makeup artist, I am aware of how hard it is to find high quality, organic makeup that actually WORKS. But not to worry my beauties, because my search is over, which means yours is too! Ilia cosmetics offer products that not only give you top-of-the-line color pay off, but also don’t sink those nasty chemicals into your face! And to boot, “All ILIA products are made with up to 85% certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin, and help aid in its repair”. So not only are you avoiding the chemicals, but you’re using products that actually IMPROVE the health of your skin–yes please! As for nails, we have an amazing all-natural brand in the shop and online! Scotch Naturals is an amazing line with incredible pastel hues perfect for spring!


2) Let Your Grass Grow. I was so excited when I learned this little tid-bit: “Spending less time tending to your lawn actually makes it greener — in every sense of the word. Most grass species fare best when they’re kept at least 2 1/2 inches tall. The length creates more surface area to absorb sunlight, which creates thicker turf and deeper roots, which means you won’t need to water as often. Save money by letting grass clippings remain on your lawn; it adds nitrogen to the soil and discourages weed seeds from germinating. You’ll need less fertilizer and herbicide. Plus, leaving clippings on lawns means less in landfills; in 2005 Americans disposed of more than 12 million tons of yard waste.” Who woulda’ ‘thunk!? Plus, with a lush, green yard, you’ll be more motivated to practice those yoga poses in your M Rena Tummy Tuck Leggings!


3.) Eco friendly fashion. Support clothing companies that use sustainable materials, and create their products in an ethical manner. If you want to be the most stylish eco-friendly girl in town, check out the stunning pieces Prairie Underground has to offer. In this article, you can get the inside scoop on their philosophy behind creating the stunning pieces that they make–“We’ve always offered styles in sustainable, organic, and re-purposed textiles alongside conventional ones. Recycled textile options have increased, an exciting development. It’s an obstinate way we work, though a large percentage of our end users don’t always relate.” We’re proud to have the privilege of carrying their line in our boutique!


4) Eat Seasonally and Local. Locally grown food is full of flavor. When grown locally, the crops are picked at their peak of ripeness versus being harvested early,in order to be shipped, and distributed to your local retail store. Many times produce at local markets has been picked within 24 hours of your purchase. By supporting local farms you’re doing a great thing for your community, your body, and the air! Take advantage of the seasonal spring greens, and whip up a beautiful Pasta Primavera with Chef John’s easy-to-follow recipe.


5) Discrete Recycling. The eco-friendly kitchen begins with eating green, but it doesn’t end there. This surprisingly stylish “hidden recycling bin” makes it easy to keep your recyclables separate from your trash. It takes minimal space, isn’t an eyesore, and makes recycling so much more convenient. Check out this, and other eco-friendly gadgets on the eatwell website!

Alright ladies, that’s all for todays Links We Love. Hopefully these links have shown you that it’s pretty easy nowadays to be nice to our planet with all of the innovative products available to us—So no excuses! ;) What are you doing to promote a “greener” lifestyle? Tweet us at @shopadorn and give us your tips and tricks! We’d love to hear them as always!