Hello fashionistas! Mitra the new Social Media intern on the Shop Adorn crew here, and I’m excited to share with you some drool-worthy spring trends! Whether it shows itself in your fashion, health, or home decor, spring always provides us with an effervescent energy that inspires change. I hope these links inspire you as much as they do us, and for even more spring inspiration, come check out the Shop Adorn boutique!

1. Sunny Lips


Being a makeup artist, I love to change up my makeup wardrobe with the seasons. I find myself swapping out that sultry and sophisticated mulberry lipstick of winter, for a casual and sunny coral. Orange lipstick might sound intimidating to some, but this warm color family can do so much for you this spring! Find the right undertone, and this shade can perk your skin right up. Try a pink-y apricot shade to compliment both cool and warm skin tones. A lipstick with these undertones has just enough orange to detract from redness in people with fairer skin, and enough pink to make olive skin-tones glow—so universal! Although, if you’re ready to take on this spring trend to the fullest, rock this striking orange lip featured on the GLAMOUR website— how stunning!

2. Sophisticated Take on Patterns



Elle magazine shows you how to spruce up your spring wardrobe by utilizing streamline silhouettes with fun patterns. Adapt this lovely trend to the Bi-polar Portland sky with this light-weight sweater by Maison Scotch


3. Expect the Unexpected


We love this quirky idea shared by HouseBeautiful… Who would think to paint the insides of cabinets?! This shot of contrasting color sets off you’re entire kitchen, especially with see-through cabinetry as pictured above.

4. Pretty, Seasonal, and Delicious—What more can you ask for?


Indulge your taste buds, while getting in your daily dose of veggies as well! Asparagus is my favorite spring-time green, and this simple tart is too beautiful and tasty not to try! As we all know, it’s always best to incorporate seasonal and local produce on your menu. Take advantage of your local farmers market this spring, and try this fresh, flaky, and flavorful recipe—you’ll thank us for having this simple delight in your itinerary.

5. Hair color must have—Rose gold

new rose gold

Harpers Bazaar features the lovely Jessica Chastain featuring a soft and feminine rose-gold mane—we love it! This is essentially a slight pink cast over her fiery-locks. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be a red head to take advantage of this ultra romantic look. Check out “Ombre King”, Guy Tangs’ rose gold styles on brunette and blonde shades.

Whether you’re now inspired to freshen up your locks, or on your way to your local Home Depot to pick up a stunning chartreuse for your cabinets, we hope our links have your creative juices flowing for this new season! What are your favorite 2014 Spring trends? Tweet us your thoughts  @shopadorn!