manicure-maven JESSICA B Introducing the third installment of the ever popular “Get to know us” blog series: Manicure Maven! First up is shop girl Jessica B. Jessica, or Jess as we nickname her (we have three Jessicas!) has a smile and laugh that is contagious. Her warmth towards everyone she meets makes her an absolute delight to be around. She has an impressive collection of succulents, a leopard iPhone case and loves cooking, hosting parties and meeting all of our local customers while working in the shop.

Jess’ taste in nail polish depends on the season: dark blues and grays for fall, metallics for the holidays, and experimental in the spring. For this sweltering summer, Jess is loving bright oranges and pinks. She loves the neon look of the Butter London “Teddy Girl” polish because it pops against the colors she usually likes to wear: army greens, blacks and light denim washes. This urban socialite loves the look of a clean shellac. She achieves the look by using the Butter London Patent-Gel Top and Tails with two light coats of her favorite Butter Nail Lacquer in-between. Because who has time to hit the nail salon when you’re busy planning a huge outdoor fiesta for all your friends?

Q&A With Jess B. The Shellac Queen

Q: Why do you like the color you’re wearing?

A: I love the neon coral appearance of trout pout because it pops well against the colors I tend to wear most often: army green, black and light denim washes.  Also,  it’s no coincidence that it matches my pink and leopard print i-phone case.  

Q: Does your color preference depend on the season?

A: Yes,  I usually do bright oranges and pinks late spring and early summer when I am craving the sunshine =)  I transition to dark blues, blacks and greys late summer and early fall.  Late Fall and Winter I usually do a lot of metallics for the Holiday season.  Then I tend to go bare or experimental early summer once the holidays are over.  It’s my way of trying to define the direction I want to take my style in the new year =)

Q: How often do you give yourself a manicure?

A: I usually do my own nails about every other month and alternate with going to get them done.  I always use the Butter London Patent-Gel Top and Tails with two light coats of my favorite Butter Nail Lacquer in-between.  It gives the same appearance as a professional shellac.  Sometimes I may also use the cotton-bud color as a basecoat to make my color pop better.