Betsy & Iya Winter in the Park Necklace, Kenda Kist Stackable Rings

In our next installment of our ever popular “Get to know us” blog series: Manicure Maven, meet the brains behind any promotion we do, all the graphics you see, and pretty much anything social media. This digital guru is always one step ahead, not only in digital media, but in her style. She loves modern pieces that are chic but simple. When describing her style in three words, she chooses free spirited minimalist. One of her favorite pieces at our Portland boutique is the Betsy and Iya Colima ring because it’s edgy, easy and made right here in Portland. She loves cats, lavender and the Flaming Lips.

Samantha’s manicure style is in line with her fashion sense: effortless, minimalist and cool. Her favorite Butter London color? A glam glitter top-coat that keeps it cool with dark sparkles. Why opt for a bright color when you can add a little edge and mystery to your look instead? Read on to learn more about her manicure style.

Q+A with Samantha: Modern minimalist

Q: How do your nails usually look on a typical day?

A: I wish I could say they always look fresh and fabulous, but typically I don’t wear nail polish or when I do, it chips off within a day or two.

Q: When planning your outfit, do you coordinate your nails with it?

A: No! I usually think in colors when i’m getting dressed. I decide what color I want to wear first then I accessorize accordingly.

Q: If you were a manicure, what would you look like?

A: I’d be a classic french manicure with an orchid pink on the tips! Because i’m on a pink kick lately.