customer of the month


customer of the month

Meet our August customer of the month, Irina! As founder of her own jewelry business, Moss and Mirror, and mother of two, free time is a luxury for this lovely local. She says her jewelry business is a way to keep her sanity by having a creative outlet. She says even if her day has been filled with toddler chaos, she enjoys nothing more than sitting down to make beautiful pieces in her studio. We had so much fun during Irina’s styling session with DahlStyle, dressing her up with lovely pieces from other local brands like Bridge and Burn, Betsy & Iya and ParflecheCheck our the re-cap below!

customer of the month


customer of the month

 Tank: Bridge and Burn,
Shorts: Paige Jax Knee Short $149,
Earrings: Towne and Reese (available in store) $35,
Bracelets: 31 Bits (available in store),
Bag: Parfleche Large Leather Tote in Green $148,
Shoes: Calou Ninni Clog in Chianti $165

customer of the month

customer of the month

 Dress: Prairie Underground Thermocine Dress $84,
Necklaces: Vanessa Mooney Souxsie Beaded Gold Necklace (available in store) $95, Sahlia Gunmetal Rocks and Chains Bracelet (available in store) $168
Bag: Ellington Tracy Tote in Gray $239,
Bracelet: Jenny Bird (brand available in store),
Shoes: Yosi Samra flats

customer of the month customer of the month

 Dress: Prairie Underground Bouffant Dress in White $253,
Wallet: Cipriano Designs Anita Clutch in Walnut $128,
ShoesCalou Ninni Clog in Chianti $165

customer of the month

customer of the monthDress: Maison Scotch Sleeveless Beach Dress $99,
Necklace: 31 Bits (brand available in store)
customer of the monthTop: Laila Jayde Modern Tank $64,
Pants: Prairie Underground Denim Girdle Legging in Burgundy $150,
Necklace: Elk 2 Row Border Necklace Cream (available in store) $42

Q+A with Irina

Q: What’s your favorite piece from Adorn?

A: My favorite Adorn piece is a Bailey 44 dress that I bought after modeling it in a local Fremont fashion show. It’s not really my usual style, but Bailey 44 is one of my favorite designers, and I had to give it a try. I didn’t want to take it off! It’s sexy without being overly revealing, and I absolutely adore it for the rare occasions I get a night out.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: My personal style lately is a mix of classic girly vintage with some tribal patterns mixed in. I love peter pan collars and a-line knee length skirts. Easy to wear dresses are a favorite and I tend to steer more toward small dense patterns/stripes or solid colors because of all the brightly colored tattoos I have on my arm. I definitely go for comfort because the last thing I want to do while chasing kids is be readjusting all day due to a high maintenance outfit (even if its a cute one!) 

Q: What’s a trend you’re loving right now?

A: This season, I love the classic meets tribal vibe that Pendleton has helped to generate. I’m so bummed that this is the Portland Collection’s last season, but those pieces are so timeless. I like to add pops of tribal- modern into my daily outfit, even if its just a tribal-esque triangle necklace or printed scarf. 

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite colors to wear?

A: As far as my favorite colors to wear I really am drawn to classic primary colors (I love navy, red and mustard) as well as the richer tones that autumn lines tend to carry (burgundy, forest green, chocolate brown.) I have to say I really hate this neon trend. I feel like I just lived through it in the 90s, why is it back already!? Pastels just aren’t me – plus as a mom, I will inevitably end up covered in berry stains from tiny hands, and pastels just don’t hide those well.

Q: What’s your most regretted fashion choice?

A: My most regretted fashion decision to date involves being about 16 and caught up in the whole hot topic punk rock raver-ish trend. I had a hot pink faux fur winter jacket that looked like I killed a heard of care bears to wear it and I loved it. Seeing pictures of me in it now makes me cringe.