photo: Jasmine Photography

As a young girl ahead of her time, Nicole’s entreprenerial spirit was ignited in middle school – her neighborhood acting as her first playground. “When I was in middle school, I would play library with the neighbor kids. Through me they could check out books, and then I would charge them late fees. It was about 10 cents when they returned them late, and I had no mercy. I also loved playing store. We would set my bedroom up as a store and use monopoly money and would play for hours.”

Her twenties brought a more profitable but time consuming scheme. In the same fashion and timeframe as Miss Kim Kardashian, but without a wealthy father as a benefactor, Nicole started buying up trendy items at a reduced rate and reselling them for a profit. When she and her husband starting spending evenings shipping instead of being on romantic dates, a family member suggested that starting a clothing store may be a more efficient way to go about her ‘free time.’

Adorn was born out of a passion and love for style. Borrowing from their customer satisfaction policy, Nicole ‘won’t buy anything unless I love it. I can’t sell something I don’t love. Working retail in the past, I loved customer’s and I loved dressing people. Now I get to do that daily and be part of a community.’ Nicole wants people to really love what they are buying, and even encourages clients to bring in their four favorite pieces and she will help you build your wardrobe from there.

Adorn offers some of the best shopping in Portland. Check it here: