Rapture Bomber Jacket at Shop AdornWe have always been huge fans of Obey clothing, and are excited to expand our selection this season! The fall 2010 Obey collection features the most amazing jackets, hoodies, button downs and accessories for men and women and Shop Adorn has all the best!  One of our favorite items this season is the Rapture Bomber Jacket in Caramel.  The Rapture features retro styling with a modern feel. Combining a hoodie liner and weather resilient caramel pleather shell, the jacket has dual zip on both the outer and inner layers. If your shopping for the guys, this is the jacket for a man with street smart and good taste (or at least good taste).

Obey Mens Navajo Canyons Jacket at Shop AdornOur other mens jacket this season is the Obey Navajo Canyons Jacket. It’s swarthy, rustic and oh so hot. It makes me daydream of hot chocolate next to a fire, then going outside to tear up some snowboard ramps or maybe just a roll in the powder. On warmer days, it makes me think of chopping wood, throwing around some multicolored leaves, then bombing a hill on a longboard. Either way, I love it. I’m a huge fan of  this recent trend where American Indian styles and designs are integrated into mainstream fashion, in both clothing or jewelry. Most often we see if for the girls, feather earrings or a blanket patterned tank top, but I think Obey really included men when they made this jacket and paired with the new red plaid Obey River Red Shirt, you make this jacket pretty much irresistible. I’m gonna go faint now… *sigh*. Another thing that makes this jacket a dream is its warm fleece interior that, honestly, means it’s the perfect jacket to lend to your lady on a cold dark evening or when you make her stand in the cold and watch you do tricks on your bike.

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