photo: Jasmine Photography

Her grandfather would bet her twenty bucks for home runs at her softball games, while her mother would not let her go play with the boys until she finished practicing the piano.  Inside the house was full of discipline, hard work, and religion.  It was when she was let outside that she was able to express herself.

Mandy graduated from Trinity Lutheran grade school and went on to the big world of public schooling at Benson High School.  There she graduated with honors, being voted ‘most unique’ of her class, and was a three sport letter in volleyball, basketball, and softball.  She spread her time between being editor of the newspaper and DJing for the school radio station.

Upon graduation it was off to college to play softball, but she never made it to softball season.  Mandy found out the freedom and socializing opportunities college life awarded you, especially when living away from home.  After fall semester it was back home and time to regroup, where her strict but wise mother decided beauty school may be the answer.  A reluctant Mandy signed up for school, as it was a good alternative to paying her mother rent.

After 5 years of owning one of Portland’s largest salon’s in Portland’s  Pearl District Mandy decided to use the skills she had obtained while owning and leverage it by opening a boutique PR company, Relations for Hire.

Mandy Zelinka, pro·pri·e·tress/prəˈprīətrəs/