The sun is blazing. The streets are hot. And summer is in full swing! So your big vacation must be around the corner. How’s the packing coming?

Every year I pack my bag to the brim. And then pack two more bags to the brim. Because shoes need their own bag, right? Problem is—being loaded down like a pack mule. It just doesn’t look or feel glamorous.

Not this year though! That’s why I learned how to pack light without sacrificing style. Because it doesn’t mean not having an outfit for every occasion.

The key to packing light is a cohesive color palate. Plus a few must have accessories. Then you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s content.


1. Pick Clothes In the Same Color Palate

Pick one or two bold colors and let the rest be muted.  Velvet by Graham and Spencer’s Cami is perfect to dress up or down. Wear it while your shopping. Or slip it on for a lunch date. Since it will keep you cool and stylish. Most noteworthy—it’s small packing size! Stay colorful with the Sanctuary Kye Straight Ankle Jean in Washed Cameo.


2. Reuse Key Items to Save Space

So instead of a pair of jeans for every shirt. Find jeans that work with every shirt! Project Social T’s Bodysuit is great for layering. So you can wear it with your Sanctuary Kye Straight Ankle Jeans, or with a Prairie Underground skirt. Layer on a with Prairie Underground linen top, and your suitcase will still has plenty of room!


3. Limit Yourself to Packing One Sundress and One Coverup

Most of all, you’ll need to pack the perfect Sanctuary sundress! And don’t forget a Ruby Yaya tunic. Because sometimes we want a cover up at the beach. You’ll need a nice pair of sandals. I found the perfect pair at Gilds, a Portland boutique. And pack a big bag for your beach days. Minnie and George have a great selection!


4. Picking Accessories That Match All Your Outfits

Finally, you need to pack accessories that work with everything. Or at least half your outfits! A small Liebeskind purse for after you arrive. A pair of comfortable heels to dress up in. And don’t forget jewelry that can go with any look! Betsy & Iya seem to have a look for everyone.


5. To Review

My color palate: blush, beige, black, and dark blue. As a result: two pairs of shoes work with every outfit. While still allowing me to be colorful and playful. I kept all of the jewelry the same tone of gold. Adding a splash of color with a rose quartz. Finally I limited myself to two bags: one big one small. Best of all it all packs into a carryon with room to spare!