As y’all know, Pinterest is the source of all materials for vision boards, cookie recipes, and DIY organizing stations. Something that has been blowing up our feed, however, is bare backs.

Typically a dress with a low back (although backless shirts are becoming more common), this look lets you show off your summer tan as well as those well earned back muscles! The backless trend has become the new standard for sexy. While you don’t expose your chest or legs, a loose dress with small straps provides you with a bare back. Fashion has becoming a subtle and mysterious game of sensually concealing.

It’s almost as if you woke up in the morning and casually pulled on your dress. The look can be completed with natural face make-up and messy hair or beach curls. These dresses are versatile and perfect for wearing over your swimsuit on beach or pool days. Have a back tattoo? Show it off with a backless dress or shirt!

This new bare back trend is fashion telling us to let the imagination run loose and get really really creative with our outfit choices. Having a bare back is an big statement about an understatement.